Reveries of Disillusioned Enchantment

Figuring Out A Whole New Life

After a whirlwind 8 years of living, learning and exploring in New York City, Prague, Paris, Moldova and India and countless travels around the world; I'm back home in Georgia figuring out what to do next.

There are no words for the strong emotions this video evokes. The moist poignant being of deep sadness and utter anger that our own carelessness is the cause of this. 

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…

Dr. Seuss. 

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

I wish this was me. 

I wish this was me. 

Keep Calm & Camp

God I love camping. I’d do it every weekend if I could. I keep my camping hammock available at all time just waiting for the right opportunity to use it. 

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Writer’s Block

I need to start writing more … but what do I write? The last time I wrote on an almost daily basis, I was sitting in an ashram, waiting to move home after two and a half years abroad. It had been over 8 years since I lived at home; and there I was putting an end to an era to start (another) life in Georgia. But what to write? What to write. My wanderlust? That’s probably a good start. It’s a daily occurrence these days as I sit at a desk for hours on end. I dream of being outdoors. Out in nature where I feel the most like myself.

It was a failure of a Labor Day Weekend hike fest. I was able to do one of the three hikes I had designated for the weekend. The rest of the three day sojourn in suburbia was spent in an anxious state, waiting for the thunder and rain to cease it’s endless flow. The rain has had a weekly presence here in the Southeast. It’s put quite a damper on my plans especially those which involve daily training for a half-marathon in December. 

Just thinking about the rain now depresses me. 

Ugh. I’ve got to get over this funk. 

I’m only slightly obsessed.

I’m only slightly obsessed.

Checking things off my goal list. Sope Creek Trail in Marietta, GA is a beautiful trail full of wonderful features such as the serene pond, winding trails, rushing stream and gorgeous ruins. Abe and I sure had a good time. Off to Red Top Mountain tomorrow!

I will …

  • start writing more
  • stop making excuses
  • go after my goals
  • be the person I know I can be

Wish me luck. 

My little guy, Abraham Lincoln (see beard)

Meet Abraham, my smiling buddy who we rescued a couple of months ago from a shelter here in Georgia. 

We’re thinking he’s a mix of Russell Terrier and Dachshund.  Although looking at the recent pictures of the new terrier breed allowed at the Westminster dog show, I’m going with the former.

This is the first sentence in the Wikipedia entry for “Russell Terrier”.

The Russell Terrier is a predominantly white working terrier with an insatiable instinct to hunt formidable quarry underground. ”
The man does seem interested in shit that is buried beneath your average surface. Almost an insatiable interest…

Britain considers running negative ads against itself

From the Foreign Policy blog: 


Next year, curbs on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens living and working in Britain will expire. In order to prevent an influx of immigrants from those countries, the Guardian reports that the British government is reportedly considering a plan to trash their own country’s image: 

The plan, which would focus on the downsides of British life, is one of a range of potential measures to stem immigration to Britain next year when curbs imposed on both country’s citizens living and working in the UK will expire.

A report over the weekend quoted one minister saying that such a negative advert would “correct the impression that the streets here are paved with gold”.

There was no word on how any advert might look or whether it would use the strategy of making Britain look as horrible as possible or try to encourage would-be migrants to wake up to the joys of their own countries whether Romania’s Carpathian mountains or Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts. With governments around the world spending millions on hiring London-based consultants to undertake “reputation laundering” there would be a peculiar irony if Britain chose to trash its own image perhaps by highlighting winter flooding of homes or the carnage of a Saturday night A&E ward.

Downing Street has not confirmed or denied the plans. If the new proposed immigration dealdoesn’t work out, perhaps the U.S. government could follow with ads throughout Latin America focused on economic inequality, obesity, and gun crime. It’s the next frontier of nation branding!

I feel like the Britains feel the same way about Romanians as Romanians feel about Moldovans. It’s an interesting world we live in. 

A Shortage of Cancer Drugs in Romania

From Eastern Approaches:

THOUSANDS of cancer patients in Romania struggle everyday to find the drugs their life depends on. The country has been facing a severe cancer-drug shortage over the last two years as more than 20 types of medicine, especially the cheap ones, are very difficult or impossible to obtain. 

 Last week the government revealed its budget for 2013, which didn’t include any particular provision to solve the cancer-drug shortage.

If this is what is happening in Romania, an EU country with loads more funding and resources than non-EU Eastern European countries, I can only imagine how dire the situation is in Moldova. 

This sounds familiar. 

 While doctors and hospitals managers are overwhelmed with this situation, cancer patients are struggling to purchase the drugs on their own though they are entitled to free medication according to the law. Some Romanians who are frequently traveling to Western Europe buy these drugs and send them home to their sick friends or relatives. There is even a website called “Missing Drugs” where patients can fill in a form with the drugs they need and volunteers in Europe try to find the medicines and send it to them.

“I have been desperately looking for Bleomycin in every single deposit and pharmacy in Bucharest, but I couldn’t find it”, says Marius, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer last summer. “If you go into a hospital and ask for a cytostatic, they say there isn’t any left but if you give a bribe to the right person, the cytostatic appears out of the blue. This is why some people die and some don’t in Romania.  It’s all about the money.”

The Pirate Party according to Wikipedia

How did I not know this existed? So much for my NYU degree in political science. 

From the source of EVERYTHING:

Pirate Party is a label adopted by political parties in different countries. Pirate parties support civil rightsdirect democracy and participation, reform of copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge (Open content), information privacytransparency, and freedom of information. They advocate network neutrality and universal, unrestricted access to the Internet as indispensable conditions to some of this.[citation needed]

Soda vs Coffee


I’m liking this new trend. Down with soda!

From the Atlantic

Ten years ago, Americans drank enough soda every year to fill a small aquarium. Fifty-three gallons of the stuff per person. That’s half a liter of Diet Coke on an average day. Compare that to our other favorite liquid-caffeine companion. For every cup of coffee we consumed in 2003, we drank two cups of soft drink. For $1 we spent on joe, we spent $4 on soda.

Now look where we are: Soda is in a free fall, with domestic revenue down 40%. Coffee culture is ascendant, up 50% in ten years. In another decade, the United States could easily spend more on coffee than soda — something utterly unthinkable at the turn of the century (industry data via IBISWorld)

The Life and Death of the American Arcade

I wish I was better at video games.

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